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Our Story

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It started with stress

Two businesses. A newborn baby. A global pandemic. For our founder, Adam, the stress intensified each day. Between sleepless nights, a restless mind, and the looming uncertainty around the world, feeling any relief was about as likely as seeing fully stocked shelves of toilet paper in March 2020.

One powerful plant changed everything

Around this time, Adam's best friend (now co-founder), Robert, introduced him to a magical little plant—no, not that kind. It was Kava Kava, a powerful shrub native to the Pacific Islands.

Kava Kava is a centuries-old natural remedy used amongst Pacific Islanders. It's an Earthy-tasting drink known for its relaxing properties and is enjoyed in medicinal, ceremonial, and social settings.

Within minutes of drinking Kava for the first time, Adam felt his mountain of stress melt right out of his shoulders.

Mixed Berry

Relief was possible, but it tasted like dirt

Kava's naturally bitter taste was hard to ignore. Adam and Robert experimented with homemade tonics to make Kava more palatable, but if they were going to share this drink with the world, they needed help.

They turned to the experts: a leading scientist to perfect the ingredients and dosages, and a flavor specialist to mix up the best-tasting stress relief tonic. A few dozen recipe tweaks later, they nailed it.

Fun fact! In the Tongan language, "kava" translates to bitter.

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Happy thoughts from happy customers

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HANNI avatar


I drank it on an empty stomach and I’m already feeling it after 18 minutes. It’s nice because I feel like I’m still able to function 100% but I am really chill at the same time.
XIN avatar


After 30 minutes or so, I felt a very nice calming effect and a feeling of clarity. Love this drink!
VALERIE avatar


I felt a noticeable difference in my attitude and my energy wasn't as "on edge" as I usually am during my work day. Really great product. Well done!

We made Ü Relax because feeling stressed really, really sucks

Plant-based ingredients
quick, convenient & delicious
up to 4 hours of continuous calm

Our mission is to create healthy, plant-based calming products that make it quick & easy for people to feel like themselves again.

— Adam, Co-Founder

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