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Day 4 - Two stressed friends & a scientist walk into a bar...

Diana Grace image

By Diana Grace

Published January 8, 2024

Sometimes, you need to press pause on the demands of daily life. 

A recent “Stress in America” survey by the American Psychological Association found that everyday stressors like work, money and relationships are as present as ever, but have now been compounded by a slew of new ones—resulting in real consequences for our minds and bodies.

This brings us to a story about Adam Davies, Co-Founder of Calming Co. 

Adam has been a pretty anxious guy for as long as he can remember. In 2019, he was a new dad juggling two businesses, but he had learned to keep his stress in check and surpass the expectations of everyone around him, both as a dad and a leader. 

That is, until March 2020.

Two Best Friends Created A Drink To Help Them Relax—Now It’s Sold Nationwide

Like many Americans—Adam was close to breaking point. He struggled to find something that would alleviate his stress that was healthy, easy, and actually worked. Not knowing where to turn next, he asked his best friend Robert for advice. 

Robert’s answer surprised him: “Have you ever tried Kava?” 

Adam hadn’t. Kava is a centuries-old and (still) relatively unknown natural remedy grown in the Pacific Islands, known for its earthy, bitter taste and relaxing properties. In 2020, you could find it hidden among the tinctures sold in some natural food stores, but that was about it. 

“Kava tastes terrible”, Robert admitted, but he said that he had been thinking about making a kava-based relaxation drink for over a year. He just wasn’t sure if it was possible to improve the taste.

Before trying it for the first time, Adam was extremely skeptical about the benefits of Kava. No calming products on the market worked for him—and popular relaxation drinks with CBD in them didn’t contain proper clinical doses (enough to actually work). If Kava worked like Robert promised, it had the potential to help millions of people manage their stress across America.

With nothing to lose, Adam and Robert made a deal:

  1. If Adam tried kava and didn’t feel the effects Robert promised, they’d move on.

  2. If he did, the two would start a company with the goal of creating a tasty kava-based relaxation drink.

Guess what happened next?

Once Adam got past the taste, he started to feel the tension in his shoulders ease up and slowly melt away… Robert was right, Kava worked. That same night, the guys started experimenting with ways to mask the bitter taste—mixing the Kava extract with anything they could find in the kitchen.

The friends quickly realized they needed expert help. To create the highest-quality kava-infused drink possible, they partnered with a PhD formulation specialist to develop a proprietary blend with other clinically proven ingredients like Ashwagandha and Lemon Balm that would help combat everyday stressors.

But of course, it had to taste really good, which was no easy feat given the following conditions:

  • Every drink needed to contain a full clinical dosage of kava.
  • Each of the active ingredients needed to pass placebo-controlled trials.
  • The drink had to contain no CBD, no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners or colors.

The result? A science-backed calming tonic that’s as effective as it is tasty, called Ü Relax.

Now, Adam drinks Ü Relax at all times of the day, but he says his favorite moment is when you close your laptop and start to “come down from work”, drinking a glass before throwing on Netflix or making dinner.

When it comes to envisioning how people can fit the calming drink into their lives, Adam and Robert believe that Ü Relax should be part of a holistic lifestyle that promotes relaxation.

They say some people use Ü Relax to calm their nerves before a stressful event (like an exam, presentation, or social outing). Others simply drink it when they’re winding down after a long day as a substitute for a glass of wine.

Now, Ü Relax is sold online and is accessible to millions of people across the country who “want to feel less stressed, and a bit more like themselves”.


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