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Where Can I Buy Kava Coffee?

Diana Grace image

By Diana Grace

Published January 22, 2022

Who doesn’t love a good oxymoron? Some of them are goofy. Some of them we say regularly and don’t even notice any oddness to the word combination.

Let’s see, we have pretty ugly, awfully good, living dead, deafening silence, only choices, civil war, definite possibility … The list goes on. 

It’s amazing what we can do with a well-placed, confusing adjective in the American culture! It’s no wonder that our language is confusing to other cultures. Between slang and oxymorons, people attempting to learn our version of English must be so frustrated!

Wanna hear another couple of words that don’t seem to go together? Kava and coffee. Kava coffee. 

When you’re not familiar with all the nuances of kava, you might just associate it with total chill and relaxation. Kava will definitely do that for you. And coffee? Well, the typical mental equation we put together is coffee = caffeine. 

So, adding together relaxation plus a jolt of caffeine, well that doesn’t seem right at first, does it? 

But if you know a little more about kava, then you know it’s so much more than a means for reaching a state of relaxation. Kava is fabulous for helping you to focus mentally and improve your mood. 

When you see kava in this light, it makes more sense to see it as a morning drink option, right? If you’re not one of those sunny, happy, cheery-first-thing kinda people, then getting a little kava in your system might just do the trick … And the people who share space with you might love for you to drink some!

What is Kava Coffee?

Well, first we need to clear a few things up. When you google kava coffee, the first thing you’ll find is Kava Coffee. Wow. Amazing ... You find exactly what you searched for. What a concept.

Umm. Not exactly.

Here’s why. In 1962, somebody decided that coffee had way too much acid in it. So they developed a reduced-acid instant coffee. It’s still being sold in stores. Guess what it’s called?

“Kava Coffee.”

That’s the brand name. There is not a smidgen of the kava plant anywhere in this instant coffee made from premium coffee beans. 

This particular coffee is a favorite for people who love their coffee and also have tummy troubles. So, people who suffer from acid reflux would drink this coffee and experience less stomach irritation. 

The next thing you’ll find when you are searching for kava coffee is, once again, completely unexpected. Drum roll, please. It’s Bulgarian coffee. 

Why on earth would Bulgarian coffee show up in a search for kava coffee?! Good question. We have a simple explanation. It’s because they sometimes call their coffee “kava.”

Are you totally curious now? We won’t leave you hanging. Here is how you can make your own Bosnian Coffee (Kava) …

You’ll need:

2 ½ cups water

1 ½ teaspoons of finely ground medium roast coffee

1 Turkish coffee pot, a.k.a. Dzezva (Go ahead and try to say dzezva.)

Optional: sugar, milk, or Turkish delight (Wait. Turkish delight? C.S. Lewis fans know this will only lead to bad things!)

Now you just need to boil some water and put your coffee into your dzezva. Pour that boiling water into the coffee pot and give it a good stir. Then, place your pot right on the hot stove burner and keep your eye on it. 

When the coffee begins to rise and is just about to bubble over, remove it. Let the pot settle for a few seconds, add a bit more of the boiled water to it, and stir well. Now, repeat that process a few times until a creamy top layer forms.

To serve, you’ll use those cute espresso cups and add one spoonful of the top creamy layer first. Then pour in your coffee (kava). Now you can add any sugar, milk, or Turkish delight. And there you go. 

You should know that if someone from the Balkans wants to drink coffee with you, it’s almost like a little event. Expect to be with that person for a while to visit and drink your tiny cup sip by sip, oh so slowly.

What is real “kava coffee?” 

Now that you know what you’ll run into with google, you can be sure to look a little further into what true kava coffee is. We’ll cut to the chase. Surprise ... It’s made with kava. 

Kava is a plant grown and harvested in the islands of the South Pacific. The roots of the noble kava plant are what quality kava manufacturers use for their kava. It is the ground-up roots of the kava plant that are used to make kava “coffee.”

Here’s the deal. Kava coffee is just kava. Yep. Mind blown. Some people just refer to it as kava coffee because it is brewed, but there is no actual coffee in it. 

What some people have discovered is that kava can be brewed in the traditional sense with a little strainer bag and the kneading process, or you can use a French press to make it. It can be drunk really warm (not boiling because that destroys its beneficial properties) or over ice.

For those lovers of strrrrong black coffee, kava will not be much of a change. It has a very earthy flavor with what one might call “dirty” undertones. Yes, dirt. It’s a root, people. 

What Happens When You Drink Real Kava?

First of all, drink it responsibly. That means following the dosage instructions and paying attention to your body’s reaction while you drink it. 

So, for your first sip, you can expect your mouth to go numb. That is exactly what is supposed to happen. Those kavalactones present in your kava are active and working when this sensation occurs throughout your mouth. All that to tell you not to panic. You’re not having an adverse reaction!

Feel free to stray from the traditional island way of drinking your freshly brewed kava. You can cut through the feisty bitterness with a bit of honey or agave drizzled right into your cup. Go ahead, sweeten your cup. We won’t tell.

Now you just wait and see what happens. Within about twenty minutes, you are going to feel that marvelous sense of zen wash over you. You might even feel a bit euphoric. 

When was the last time coffee made you feel incredibly zen and/or euphoric?! Coffee might give you a little extra get up and go or help you wake up, but it isn’t going to relax your body, lighten your mood, and improve your focus.

Nope. If you want to experience all three of those things at once, you’re going to have to skip the regular coffee from the lovely beans hailing from the mountains of Colombia and go for the islands. The South Pacific has what you need rooted in its culture.

One important question remains.

Where Can You Buy Kava Coffee?

First of all, let’s be clear. Stop calling it kava coffee. You will chase your tail and be very frustrated if you search for places to buy kava coffee. The internet will take you straight to the 1962 version of the low-acid instant coffee.

That is not what you really want. You want kava. Not kava tea bags. Not kava capsules. 

You can search for kava and be taken to several sites that will offer their suggestions for buying kava. To get the best kava, you’re going to need to order online. More than likely, you will not be able to find top-quality noble kava in your local health food store, and definitely not in your friendly neighborhood grocery store.

Should you find a reputable ground kava powder, you’ll want to be sure you have the means to prepare your kava. That means you need a large bowl and the right strainer baggie. Some of the kava manufacturers will sell these kava necessities on their sites, as well.

But what if that just sounds like more work than you want to put in? What if you just want your kava all ready to go? No problem. You can order it that way, too. (And frankly, we think that is the best way to get your kava!)

All you need to do is go online and order yourself the best-blended kava drink on the market. A little four-ounce shot of Ü Relax Calming Tonic is just what you need to enjoy some kava. 

There will be no muddy aftertaste, no grit, and no gagging. We have created a fantastic blend of ingredients to strengthen the benefits of our kava drink. 

Our clinically proven Ü Relax not only contains the highest quality noble kava, but it also contains L-theanine, chamomile, ashwagandha, and lemon balm. All of these ingredients come together to deliver a naturally amazing experience that you can trust.

In the End ...

Remember, kava coffee is really just kava. It is not a blend of ground kava root and ground coffee beans. We’re not telling you to mix your roots and beans!

Are we suggesting that you drink kava? Absolutely. We are firm believers in the wonderful powers of good kava.

Besides, who needs traditional coffee when you can grab a ready-made bottle of the perfect kava blend?