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Kava Candy: What Options Are There?

Diana Grace image

By Diana Grace

Published April 1, 2022

What if your candy could chill you out rather than deliver that all too familiar sugar rush… followed by the crash. Kava could be the perfect solution! 

Now that everyone is talking about kava, you can find it almost anywhere in any form. And now there is a multitude of options for your favorite quick treats infused with kava! 

So, what types of kava candy are out there?


Kava Candy: What Are the Options?

Kava Kava Candy

Kava Kava Candy comes in a blister pack. It is orange cream flavored candy laced with kava. The bitterness of the kava is masked by the flavor of the orange cream. Just keep a pack in your purse and enjoy it at your convenience.

These herbal candies are designed to help you deal with anxiety and stress thanks to their kava infusion. You’ll be able to feel the kava as your mouth begins to tingle at the first taste.

It’s true, that the candy does not taste like your favorite orange cream frozen treats, but it is a great addition to your kava collection. 

Kalm With Kava Mints

These mints are a natural way to deal with symptoms of stress. The manufacturer claims that relaxation happens the minute you begin sucking on your mint. 

You can enjoy these kava mints with Orange or Cinnamint. Use these mints as a stress reliever during your workday. Take the edge off and relax by popping a mint into your mouth. They come in tiny tins so you can carry them with you in your purse or your pocket. 

Just like all forms of high-quality kava, the mints will make your mouth tingle and feel a bit numb. That’s how you know they’re working.

Cinnamon is known for covering up the dirt-like taste of kava. And the orange flavor was designed for those people who prefer citrus flavors. No matter which flavor you choose, the results will be the same. You’ll be mellow and refreshed. 


Bula King Flavored Kava Gummies

Or you can skip the earthy taste altogether and go for gummies! Bula King combines specific herbal extracts with the kava to give users a feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

You can enjoy tasty kava gummies in three flavors, Tropical, Mixed Berry, and Watermelon. Say goodbye to bitterness and chew your way to chill. 


Ziz Drops

Ziz Drops are formulated by herbalists. You will want to keep them out of the heat to keep them from melting. Your ziz drops will deliver the characteristic tingle of kava as soon as they hit your tongue. 

These are herbal hard candies, made with organic ingredients and real sugar. You can have as many as six in one day to stay in your zen zone. So, drop a ziz on your tongue and relax.


Kava Lollipops

Kava Flower Power Pop is made with kava from Fiji. Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary makes these lollipops so you can take kava with you wherever you go. Get ready for your mouth to tingle as your entire being is filled with calm when you pop a little kava lollipop into your mouth.

Kava Flower Power Pops are made with organic raw cane sugar, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, clover honey, filtered water, kava, and vanilla. Use your pop to stir your tea and give it a little sweet kick. 

You can also find kava lollipops at places like Brooklyn Kava or through Zizia Botanicals. Just enjoy your candy slowly until you feel relaxed.


Chill Pills

Yep. Take a chill pill—literally. Chill Pills are mints made with high-quality noble kava intended to relax your body as it brings you to a gentle state of euphoria.

Grab your tin of mints and you can take as many as four pills at once. Start with one and work your way up to four if needed to achieve your place of calm. 


Kava Chocolate Bars

WowWee Maui’s Kava Chocolate Bar

The WowWee Maui Kava Chocolate Bar is made from kava grown on the island of Maui. The natives are well aware of the properties hidden inside the roots of the kava plant. 

Kava King Kava Dark Chocolate

Kava King Kava Dark Chocolate is a rich dark chocolate candy bar infused with kava. You can expect this kava bar to melt slowly in your mouth as it sends its traditional tingling sensation throughout your mouth.

SquareRut Kava Bar

We should probably say SquareRut Kava Bars. This brand of kava chocolate bars comes in four flavors. Check out their crunchy almond, vanilla butternut, sea salt toffee, or their toasted coconut. Yummm.

Handmade Kava Chocolate Bars

A chocolatier living in Idaho was inspired to make kava chocolate when she was asked to make an original batch of kava-infused chocolate. She received the chocolate directly from a Hawaiian native.

She began by tempering the chocolate while slowly mixing in natural oils, coconut, and kava. This chocolatier worked tirelessly to balance the bitterness of the kava with different ingredients.

Kava Chocolate Chips

Kava chocolate chips look just like regular chocolate chips, but they are vegan. You can use them in cookies, cakes, pies, or bars, or you can munch on them with popcorn right out of the bag.

MeloMelo Kava Bar Chocolates

According to the folks at MeloMelo, weekends are made for candy, chocolate, and kava. That’s why they keep five flavors of chocolate bars, kava candy, and kava truffles in their bar for all of their patrons. Chocolate kava truffles? Yes, please! 

Strong Dark Kava Chocolate

If you like dark chocolate, give this Strong Dark Kava Chocolate bar a go! It contains kava, dark chocolate, organic sugar, Hawaiian vanilla, and Hawaiian cacao. Bite into your bar and bring on the bliss!


The Right Combination

Some might argue that kava goes with chocolate just as wine goes with cheese. The properties of chocolate blend well with the properties of kava. 

Arriba chocolate blends particularly well with kava because it is a more floral-flavored cacao bean. The floral notes help to balance the bitter, earthy taste of kava. 

Many true kava users appreciate that most of the chocolate-kava blends are created without artificial ingredients. They really try to keep their vegan chocolate as healthy as possible. 


In Conclusion

There are kava gummies, kava hard candy, kava lollipops, and kava chocolates available. You will have to hunt for it, and most likely, you’ll need to order your kava candy online. 

If you happen to be in an area where you can go out and grab a cup of kava at a local kava bar, then you may just get lucky enough to find some portable kava in the form of lollipops, chocolates, or truffles. 

Maybe you are industrious in the kitchen. Why not make your own kava chocolates? Put on your chocolatier cap and go to town! Just be sure to use only the highest quality noble kava powder.

Or, if you don’t want to bother finding your own kava candy, eat some chocolate while you’re enjoying a cup of kava. Sip your noble kava while you nibble on your favorite melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. 

And don’t forget, if you want the best kava blend at the tip of your fingers, just grab a stick pack of Calming Tonic and drink up!