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Is There an Age Limit for Buying Kava?

Diana Grace image

By Diana Grace

Published March 7, 2022

“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”

― Rumi

Are limits only in our minds? Think about that. Most successful people would probably agree with that statement. Successful people don’t see limits, they see possibilities. 

In America, we treat limits a bit differently. Our culture likes to put limits on people for safety reasons. We have limits for driving, drinking, drugs, marriage, renting a house, renting a car, cigarettes, going to school … You can probably think of more!

Clearly, limits come in the form of laws and regulations. We regulate so many things in this country. But you know what we don’t regulate? The U.S. has no regulations on kava. 

Nope. Nary a law to govern kava consumption in America. That means there is no age limit for buying kava. 

But what about the rest of the world??

Kava Regulations Around the World 

North America

United States: As we’ve just told you, there are no regulations here. We have suppliers based in the U.S. who sell to many other countries. Some states even have kava bars. 

Canada: You will not find wholesale quantities of kava in Canada, it is only to be used for personal enjoyment. If you live in Canada, you can expect to get a three-month supply at max. 

Mexico: We know kava isn’t banned in Mexico, but that’s about it! We don’t know much about the use of kava in Mexico. There are kava bars in Mexico. And consumers order their kava online from the U.S.


The United Kingdom: Any kava products made for medicinal use are illegal. You cannot sell or import kava for humans. It can only be used for animals. So, some people get their personal kava by going around this because they label the kava “not for human consumption,” but it’s still not legal.

France: You can buy and own kava here, but if you want to sell it, you’d better register with the French authorities. 

Germany: Germans were not fans of kava. They began the ban on kava due to a concern about liver damage and wanted it banned throughout the entire European Union, effectively resulting in a ban across the globe for about four years. Now, it’s legal to buy and own regulated kava in Germany (amounts are governed to be certain no liver damage can occur).

Ireland: It’s legal to purchase and enjoy kava in Ireland as long as it’s considered to be personal consumption. It must be purchased online.

Poland: Kava remained illegal in Poland until 2018. They can now import and enjoy kava, but it’s illegal to sell it for human use. It must be purchased online.

Switzerland: You can buy kava locally or online in Switzerland. If you sell it, you must be registered with their government.

Norway: This one is another mystery, folks. There is no information regarding regulations. People still order kava online and drink it here.

Sweden: Kava isn’t banned and is deemed a prescription drug here. If it’s ordered online, there is a chance the package could be seized at the border. 

Belgium: Kava is not banned in Belgium either. But just like Sweden, your package might be taken at the border to prevent them from having it. Very little is known beyond this.

Italy: You can buy or own kava in Italy, but you may not sell it. You would need to buy your kava online.


Japan: Kava is not banned in Japan, but it is extremely regulated. You may only purchase it in small quantities.

Singapore: You can cross the border with small amounts of kava or order less than two pounds online. They even have kava bars!

Hong Kong: They went against the grain and never banned kava in Hong Kong. You can purchase kava in stores or online.

Thailand: Kava is legal but not popular here, so it’s hard to find. You would need to order online.


India: Kava can be found in bars, but you won’t run across it too often. It’s not well-liked.


Australia & Oceania

Australia: Kava was abused in the indigenous culture of Australia, so they chose to regulate it. Its use is very strictly controlled.

New Zealand: The kiwis love their kava and have been enjoying it for generations. They regulate their kava through their Food Standards Code. The biggest problem with ordering kava is if it goes through Australia first because they might just commandeer that kava!

Vanuatu: Kava grows here, so you’d better believe they consume it and sell it!

Fiji: People from all over the world enjoy Fiji kava because they grow some of the best. Kava is so legal in Fiji that it is their national drink!

Africa & The Middle East

South Africa: They were a part of the original kava ban and have never lifted it. Many of its people still order kava online for drinking at home only to have it seized at the border.

Israel: Little is known about kava in Israel. There don’t seem to be any regulations and they don’t seem to partake in kava drinking. 

South America 

Brazil: If you can find any kava in Brazil, you can drink it.

In Conclusion

Germany tried to kill the use of kava around the world and it seemed to work for a while. But clearly, that is no longer the case! Kava is legal and has no age limit in several countries. 

So many things can be consumed and used and abused by us. Kava is no exception. When the highest quality kava is purchased and it’s used properly and responsibly, it has great benefits to the body.

If you’re in the United States, then you know it’s not too hard to find kava. And of course, we would highly encourage you to go the safest route by drinking our thoroughly tested Calming Tonic!