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I drank a kava tonic for 7 days to help my anxiousness. Here’s what happened

My honest experience with Ü Relax

By Nathalia Iole

Published February 23, 2022

I was two minutes away from one of the most important meetings of my career.

That’s when an all-too-familiar feeling rushed in and held its grip on me.

Stomach in knots, hands trembling, and my thoughts racing at a million miles an hour.

I closed my laptop and never showed up.

I’ve been an anxious person for as long as I can remember.

It’s something I, and millions of others, experience at a paralyzing level on a regular basis. To put it bluntly: it sucks.

There’s a lot that leads to these anxious feelings. As a self-employed creative, imposter syndrome sits at the top of that list.

So when I later landed an opportunity to work with Calming Co. on their new website, I felt like the stars aligned for me. I learned all about their all-natural calming tonic, and was beyond impressed.

Plus, with kava kava as the main ingredient — a widely used natural stress reliever — I knew I had to give it a try.

I wanted a natural remedy to calm my nerves

Now, I’ve never been one to run to the pharmacy for anxiety relief. Or anything, really.

I prefer vitamins, supplements, or even fruit in lieu of an over-the-counter “solution.”

I’d first heard about kava kava from my mom, who shared it with me in tablet form before my big move to college. It settled my nerves most times I took it, but there wasn’t enough kava in the tablets to have a lasting effect.

When I met Adam and Robert, the Calming Co. founders, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Here were two guys, feeling the anxious feelings I — and almost everyone else in the world — was feeling, who also knew about kava kava, and created a natural method of relief.

The more I learned about how their tonic was made, the more I wanted to get my hands on it.

I loved the intentionally sourced ingredients

Too many beverage companies get away with putting all kinds of junk in our drinks. Even those marketed as “healthy” are loaded with sugar. Bleh.
But Calming Co. is different.

They work with real scientists to create a perfectly dosed (and safe!) formula, using only clinically tested ingredients.

I mean, when I first read the ingredient list for Ü Relax, I was sold: noble kava, ashwagandha, l-theanine, chamomile, lemon balm, natural fruit juice, and all-natural sweeteners. That’s it!

They were ingredients I could recognize, pronounce, and feel confident in. Plus, there was nothing artificial about it. Win-win-win... and win.

Ü Relax was looking like the perfect solution

With kava kava as the star ingredient of this tonic, I was pretty confident it would be effective. But I knew I had to try it to be sure.

If you don’t know about kava kava, it’s a root native to the Pacific Islands.

Kava’s known to relieve symptoms of anxiety and muscle tension, and even promote sleep.

It naturally relaxes the mind and body, creating a sense of calm and mild euphoria.

Plus, the other ingredients, like ashwagandha and chamomile, have also been proven to relieve feelings of stress.

It seemed like Ü Relax was going to live up to its name.

And then I finally tried it...

I decided to try Ü Relax every day for a week to see if it’d settle my nerves.

Just after a couple of sips, my tongue started to feel tingly and my top lip felt a little numb.

It was an interesting feeling, to say the least, but I took it as a good sign. The ingredients were working their magic.

Aside from the gentle tingling, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

Kava kava has a naturally bitter flavor, but this tonic masked the bitterness with a light yet sweet pineapple flavor.

I drank the tonic on an empty stomach as suggested, and could feel the calming effects within about 15 minutes.

I was shocked — and, TBH, relieved — it worked that quickly for me. I felt ready to take on the day in a clearer headspace.

It was like a post-meditation high, but better

What I loved most about the tonic was the gentle transition into total bliss. The effects were noticeable but still subtle.

The knots in my stomach detangled and faded away until they were completely unnoticeable.

I wasn’t thinking about how I was feeling. I just felt calm.

And this lasted for hours.

Usually, when I feel anxious, I go into a spiral. I start overthinking everything and struggle to concentrate on anything.

But this didn’t happen the entire week (!!).

Every morning I sat down to work, I breezed right through the day.

My mini-experiment proved to be successful.

Now I know I can count on Ü Relax for that instant relief

When I can’t take the time to meditate or journal, or when the nerves become paralyzing — like they were before my no-show to that big meeting — I can just grab a Pineapple tonic from my fridge and feel calmer in minutes.

I’m already emailing Adam and Robert for a box of Mixed Berry flavored Ü Relax!

If stress or anxiousness prevents you from getting work done, meeting with friends, or sleeping at night, I strongly recommend trying Ü Relax.

It’s a quick, easy, and delicious way to de-stress and release any feelings of anxiousness.

To try Ü Relax for yourself, visit and use RELAXNOW at checkout for a 10% discount off your first shipment!