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How to Make Kava Taste Better

Change it up: Best Tips and Practices to Make Kava Taste Good

Picture yourself in a dust storm ... (Just go with it.)

It’s just you, an open field, and dust blowing … everywhere. It’s invading your nose, your hair, your ears. Still, you keep moving forward. After all, you are epic. You are a freaking warrior.

You are now face down in the dirt. And … wet. What the...? Yeah. There is a flipping puddle in the middle of this field. 

So now, that dust all over your body just turned to mud. Muddy, muddy mud.

Okay. Now, lick your lips. Yep. Give ‘em a good old once over with your tongue. 

That right there? That is some seriously delicious earthiness in your mouth. Mmm... good. Brings back childhood memories of eating dirt as a toddler. 

If a muddy mouth brings back fond memories, then you can eat kava with a smile on your face. If you’re a normal American, the thought of eating dirt just makes you want to spit. 

Well, you don’t have to eat kava the traditional way. You have options. And they taste better than dirty water. 

Kava has become very popular in the US in recent years. The use of kava root for social gatherings has been common in the South Pacific Islands for thousands of years. It’s catching on in the U.S. Kava can be purchased online as a powder, and kava bars are opening up all over the place.

For the South Pacific Islanders, the taste of kava is no big deal. They’ve grown up with it. So, they’re used to its flavor and don’t mind it. However, people in the states are not quite used to kava. The flavor isn’t exactly enjoyable. As a matter of fact, for many people, the taste is so discouraging that they are willing to miss out on its relaxing and anxiolytic effects.

Wimps. Can’t handle a teeny bit of not-so-great taste. Their moms apparently never disrupted their nighttime hacking by shoving spoonfuls of “cherry” cough syrup in their mouths. You don’t know disgusting until a spoonful of that sewer water disguised in a bottle decorated with cherries is forced down your throat. 

If you’re thinking about trying kava but you’ve been dreading the taste, you are not alone! There are some great products that make kava taste great, so you can get all of the benefits without worrying about the funky taste!

What is Kava Good For?

Kava is a plant root made up of kavalactones which have medicinal properties that bring a whole host of awesome benefits for your health and wellness. Within this plain root, you’ll find benefits including:

  • Antidepressant: Kava root can help relieve depression symptoms in some people.
  • Anti-anxiety: This is the most common use for kava. Kava is a great anti-anxiety product and many people who use kava root find their anxiety levels are lowered. This is one of the most commonly reported benefits for many users.
  • Sleep aid: Kava is more gentle than synthetic sleep aids and is not often associated with excessive dreaming or any kind of negative behavior like sleep walking. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, try some kava root!
  • Improved Cognitive Function: There is some evidence which shows that kava can make you more alert and focused. This benefit is currently anecdotal, but studies are being done to prove the benefits. This is an all-natural way to perk up and take notice without needing to rely on caffeine.
  • Muscle relaxant: Kava can ease tight muscles and help with pain related to injuries or working out. Many athletes enjoy the use of kava as a way to create a muscle-relaxing treatment protocol that is not disallowed by competitive rules. In some cases, kava has also been shown to be a better muscle relaxant than synthetic medications used for the same benefit.

The traditional use of kava was to create a happy mood at social gatherings, or to create a sense of shared quietude at more serious religious ceremonies. Most people report a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and even mild sleepiness after taking kava. While this is an all-natural remedy with plenty of benefits, there are a few downsides as well.

If you take a dose of kava that is too large, then you might experience a loss of appetite and nausea. While these side effects are not common, they are a sign that you have exceeded the amount of kava you can safely handle. Always make sure to adjust your dose of kava based on these early warning signs of excessive dosing. Safe dosing of kava will give you great benefits for your health, but too much can cause problems.

Basically, just pay attention. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. 

Always avoid the use of kava with alcohol or benzodiazepines. These two substances in combination can cause serious side effects like liver damage, impaired reflexes, and severe drowsiness. It is also not recommended to operate machinery or to drive after you have taken kava. Think of kava as a gentle version of a sedative or muscle relaxant and adjust your activities accordingly.

Kava should be used judiciously, but it can be a great way to maintain your mental well-being and to keep your body from feeling pain if you are dealing with a long-term pain condition or injury. As an all-natural remedy, this is a great choice for many people who want to boost their health without hitting hardcore medications.

What Does Kava Taste Like?

In the U.S., kava is often in powder form. This powder is made by grinding up the kava root. Many people describe kava as both bitter and spicy, but some people say that it tastes like mud and dirt. Yummy. Sounds delicious. It’s no wonder people are tempted to take too much at once. Ahem… cough cough.

Truth be told, this is a common flavor profile for root-based medications, and kava is not unique in this way. Roots and bark do not taste like fruit. So if you like dirt, kava is the stuff of dreams.

Many kava drinkers get used to the taste over time, but if you want the health benefits and you’re not willing to stomach the taste until you get used to it, there are a few things you can do!

How to Make Kava Taste Better

Kava root extractions are liquid, which can make it really easy to obscure with other flavors and products. With all of the great benefits kava has to offer, helping it taste great is the next step toward better health and wellness. 

It kind of defeats the purpose if the taste is so rotten that you refuse to indulge in your cava. Why not fix it if you can? Keep reading if you want to make your kava taste better.

  • Add Water: For some people, adding water is all they need to dilute the taste enough to tolerate the flavor. Increasing the dilution of the kava extract can often make the flavor far less intense. For many people, tossing back the kava and then chasing it with fruit juice, or another kind of sweet drink is a great way to make sure that they get their dose of kava without having to cringe at the taste.
  • Mix with Milk: Sometimes mixing with almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, or cow’s milk can be a great way to hide the flavor of kava. There are flavored milk options on the market that will make this an easy process. (Like that super rich and creamy chocolate milk from your local dairy. Yep. That’ll do it.) Being able to taste a hint of kava is not so bad if you are drinking it with some flavored almond milk, or maybe a small glass of chocolate milk. 
  • Add Coconut Water: Some people swear by adding coconut water to their kava dose. Pineapple juice is a big help as well, and you can even mix them both if you want a hint of sweetness in your dose of kava for the day. If pineapple can mask the taste of kale in a smoothie, surely it can help mask the flavor of kava, right?
  • Refrigeration: Sometimes making kava cold can diminish the intensity of the flavor. Besides the reduction in the strength of the flavor, cold drinks are often far more palatable than room temperature ones. Strong flavors are always mellowed by making a liquid cold, so kava is a great candidate for cooling off to help make its flavor less like a throat punch. 
  • Add Some Creamer: Creamers often have very strong flavors, so they can be the perfect way to mellow or hide the taste of kava. A shot of kava liquid combined with creamer tastes pretty good, and you will not have any idea that you are drinking bitter kava water when all you can taste is the sweetness of the creamer. 
  • Make It a Mocktail: Many people disguise the bitter taste of kava in a mocktail. This is a great way to hide the taste of kava with enjoyable sweet flavors that make you think of fruity drinks on the beach! You’ll be humming your favorite Jimmy Buffett tunes while chilling with your kava. 
  • Ü Relax: This is the best on the market! While all of the other methods on our list require you to have plenty of ingredients and the effectiveness isn’t always exact or consistent, Ü Relax is designed with kava already in the ingredient list. The product tastes great, and you’re able to get all the benefits without the struggle of mixing drinks together like a wannabe bartender.

Not every solution works for every person, but when you mix and match different methods you’re sure to find one you like. While mixing kava with other ingredients is one method for getting all the nutrition you need, an even better option is going with a pre-mixed drink like U Relax. Other methods may work in part, but U Relax has all the benefits and none of the unwanted taste!

Kava is Great For Your Health

Kava is a really great addition to a healthy lifestyle. The all-natural benefits make it the perfect complement to a good diet and regular exercise. If you’re trying to steer clear of heavier medication, this makes a great option to supplement your health care routine.

While dealing with the nasty, bitter taste can be a bit of a downside to this amazing herbal health food, its benefits are well worth taking the time to figure out a way to take it without being annoyed by its strong flavor.

You will not alter the effectiveness of the kava root if you choose to disguise the flavor in something sweet or dilute it to reduce its strong flavor. If you’re not ready to try mixing your own kava root mocktails, you can always opt for the delicious and nutritious Ü Relax. 

We’re big fans. The Ü Relax products give you all of the best benefits of kava without the taste and without the mixing, matching, and experimenting!

What’s the Scoop?

Well, now you know. You can have your kava and eat it, too—without the gagging. If you are an earthy person, well, go for it. Choke down your kava with a goofy grin on your face. 

For the rest of you, there is no need to suffer your way through kava. Just try one of our suggestions, or better yet, just grab some Ü Relax and enjoy your kava.