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How to Make Kava

Diana Grace image

By Diana Grace

Published October 26, 2021

Some of you were born with a hammer in one hand, a screwdriver in the other, and a tape measure in your pocket. Yep. You’re one of those people.

You look at a shelf that needs to be hung and you’ve already sized it up, made a mental note of the tools you need to get the job done, and you’re ready to tackle it. That shelf is up in its proper place within a matter of minutes. It’s secure. And it’s even straight.

You just get it. You are handy. You’re mechanically inclined. Gooood for you.

Some of us were born with a phone in our hand and love Wifi. We see those shelves in the store and think, That will look so good above the couch in my living room. Yep. Gotta have it.

That shelf is fabulous. It’s perfect. And it is sitting in the perfect spot … on your floor. In the bag from the store where you bought it. It’s taunting you, reminding you that you are not fit to wield a hammer. 

You need YouTube. Somebody else needs to virtually hold your hand and walk you through the process. (You know, one of those handy-hammer people.) Sweet Baby Jesus, let’s get this dadgum shelf hung! It’s not rocket science!!

Yep. You can do DIY. You just need a bit of instruction (hopefully). DIY can be pretty amazing, right? It saves you money and you learn something new. And sometimes making something yourself gives you better quality.

That’s why many people love to make their own smoothies and juices. Aaand that’s also part of the reason people make their own kava. So how the heck does a person make kava? Aaand what is it?



Kava is a plant that grows far, far away from here in the islands of the Pacific. The locals know all about kava and its seemingly magical properties. (You should probably plan a trip to learn more about them, strictly for educational purposes, of course.) 

The natives know that it takes five years of growth before the kava is ready to be harvested. This is not like the summer crops we are familiar with. You can’t plant it, water it, and expect to eat it in a few months. It takes planning and patience to reap the rewards of a kava crop. 

Once you have waited five years, your kava plant should be ready for harvesting. The kava is pulled from the ground with the roots attached. And you must save the roots because they are the useful part of the plant. 

The precious, woody roots run parallel to the ground. They must be cut from the plant and chopped into pieces. Those pieces are then dried, frozen, or used immediately. 

You, my friend, probably do not have ready access to fresh kava. But, the islanders sure do. They know that the absolute freshest, most potent way to enjoy kava is to use it right on the spot. Grab a chunk of kava root, pop it into your mouth, and munch the special juices right out of it. 

The rest of us must use kava that has been harvested and processed by various companies. The companies then sell kava in various forms of tea, powder, and prepared kava drinks. 


What’s So Special About Kava?

No other roots have what the kava roots do—kavalactones. Kavalactones are what make kava, kava.

Kavalactones reduce stress, help to improve your sleep patterns and diminish the intensity of pain in your body. What’s more, neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers sent throughout our bodies from our brains. Drugs, meds, and alcohol directly affect our brains, the kavalactones in kava don’t do that. They affect our neurotransmitters. 

When noble kava is taken responsibly, it helps to decrease feelings of anxiety while simultaneously helping you focus. Kava helps you to feel more socially confident and leaves you fully in control of your mental faculties. That is a win-win. (Just be sure to stick with noble kava. That’s the only one we can recommend.)

So how exactly does one go about making their own kava?


How Do You Make Kava?

If anybody tells you there is no right or wrong way to make kava, they are telling you a big fib. If you’re making your own kava with the variety of tudei kava, it’s wrong. Tudei kava is not the kava you want to be prepared. It’s bad news for your body. 

You absolutely must begin and end with noble kava. Period. That’s how you get started.

There are multiple ways to go about brewing your kava. The way you brew is 100% up to you and your personal preference. You might be into using a blender or a shaker, using a traditional brew method, steeping kava tea, or some other special method. 


Blender Method

Again. Easy peasy. First things first. You must have a blender. If you don’t have a blender, then this method is not for you. You will add the appropriate amount of kava to your blender cup or pitcher. Then you will want to add some cool water at about ten to fifteen times the amount of kava. You cannot just hit pulse on the blender with kava. You will need to fully blend it for three to four minutes. Some people even add in a bit of coconut oil.

You’re not quite finished after blending. The next thing you’ll do is to pour your newly blended kava into a strainer bag. After it’s in the bag, you’ll need to hold it over a bowl and give it a good squeeze. It’s going to be a bit warm. So you can wait for it to cool and then slurp your earthy goodness right down. 


Shaker Bottle

 To make kava in a shaker bottle, you won’t need any fancy equipment. Heck, you don’t even need electricity. This is a good method for kava on the go. Your shaker bottle kava is quick and convenient.

You will need a shaker bottle. Shaker bottles are usually going to consist of a cup, a lid with a flip-open spout to drink from, and a shaker ball. A shaker ball is kind of like a funky whisk with no handle. What you need is a strainer ball rather than a traditional shaker ball. 

What on earth is a strainer ball? A strainer ball goes inside of your shaker cup and allows you to pour the kava inside of it. So, you need some warm water, a kava shaker, and high-quality kava root.

Let’s break this down so you’ll know exactly what to do. 

First, measure out your desired dose of kava. This could be anywhere from one teaspoon to three teaspoons, or five grams to fifteen grams of kava. Be sure to check how much your shaker ball can hold before deciding how much you’ll use.

Now that you have decided how much kava you’ll be using, it’s time to put it into your shaker ball. (The more you practice this method, the more you will adjust to how much kava you prefer.) After you put your powder inside the ball, make sure it is completely sealed and pop that ball into your cup. 

Alrighty. Don’t forget the water. Add your water to the cup with the strainer ball. You want to use about fifteen to twenty times as much water as the kava you used. Aaaand shake. Shake that bottle like crazy.

Seriously. This could be part of your morning exercise routine. You will need to shake that bottle anywhere from five to ten minutes to get the most kavalactones out of the kava root. When it looks like light brown mud, you’re good to go. 


Traditional Kava Preparation

The natives know that preparing kava in the traditional way has been around for generations. To the natives, the ritual that accompanies the preparation is critical.

This process will take you somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes. Using a traditional method to prepare your kava is as close to the island way as you’re going to get … with one little difference. You won’t need to chomp on some kava root.

Nope. No chewing. You will be using a high-grade noble kava powder created from ground kava root. (Chewing up your kava is more about the cultural tradition and not about increasing its potency.)

Now that you no longer need to worry about chewing on some kava, let’s chat about this rich island tradition that has made its way across the ocean.

You will need a few more items for this kava preparation. For traditional kava it is all about the prep, so be sure that you have the following things in your arsenal: a food scale, small mugs, a bowl to mix it in, pure high-quality ground noble kava powder, warm water, and a muslin bag for straining

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure your kava. The amount you use will vary from person to person. The regular dose is about ten grams of powdered kava root. If you want to be completely accurate, then the food scale is needed. (If you choose to measure your kava by the spoonful, then the grind can affect how much you use.)

The second step is filling your muslin strainer bag. Place your pre-measured kava into the bag and tie it up tightly with a string. Just in case you don’t have any muslin, you can use cheesecloth. It is extremely important that your kava is tightly sealed or it messes up the rest of the process.

Now you can place your bag of kava in a bowl and add the water. Use water that is slightly hot from the tap. That temp should be good for extracting kavalactones without destroying their properties. 

Again, go with about twenty times the amount of water as you have kava and leave it alone for five minutes while it steeps. Now let your hands do the work and knead. Work your kava as much as possible throughout the water. Plan on spending at least five to ten minutes. The water will be a muddy brown color.

You are ready to squeeze. Squeeze every drop of precious liquid from your bag and save it. That bag still has a few more uses in it! (You can even freeze it for later.)

Your traditional kava brew is ready for consumption. To follow the true method, you will scoop your kava from the bowl with your mug … If you’re a true islander, then you’ll be sure to share with your friends before you fill your own.

If you don’t want it warm, then you can chill it in the fridge or add some ice.


So What?

There are multiple ways you can prepare your kava, just be sure you use quality noble kava powder. Whether you choose to blend, shake, or perform the traditional brew, it’s entirely up to you.

Of course, if you read all of this and have no desire to put that much thought or work into your kava, you need to try Ü Relax. We’ve taken all of the guesswork out of kava and have created a drink blended with four additional clinically proven ingredients. All you need to do is order, sip, and relax.