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How Long Does Kava Last?

Diana Grace image

By Diana Grace

Published July 23, 2021

The answer to this question is not cut and dried. There are multiple factors to consider.

Factors That Affect How Long Kava Will Last

The Type of Kava You Use: There are two main types of kava. You will find tudei (two-day) kava and noble kava, or a blend of the two kavas being used by people.  

We are only going to suggest using noble kava. Noble kava has been shown to have the best and safest benefits for its users. Stick with noble kava and skip the tudei kava.

The effects of tudei kava may last much longer than noble kava, but that is not necessarily a good thing. It’s the difference between wading through a pit of mud and wading through a puddle of water. Tudei kava is like that mud, heavy and deep. Noble kava is more like a much-needed gentle rain shower, providing solace from a sweltering day.

The Dosage of Kava: We would typically suggest that you keep your maximum dosage between 450 to 500 milligrams in a twenty-four-hour period. You’ll need to separate this dosage out throughout your day. A smaller amount of kava will give less dramatic effects, and vice versa. 

In the beginning, less kava means its effects will last for a shorter amount of time. It will take more kava for the effects to last longer. The more kava you consume, the more kavalactones you are taking into your body. The kava will be accumulating in your system the more frequently you take it. And as it accumulates your body will begin to react faster.

Your Metabolism: Metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that change fuel (food and drink) to energy, runs cellular processes, and gets rid of nitrogenous waste. The rate of metabolism, the efficiency of that metabolism, differs from person to person.

Your Metabolism, woman in a bathing suite surrounded by molecular image models.

So when kava is metabolized, it’s different for each person. It solely depends on that person’s genetic make up—weight, body composition, gender, and age.

The Amount of Kavalactones: The percentage of kavalactones present in the kava you choose will have a definite effect on how long it lasts. Typical kava percentages range from about five percent to twenty percent. The higher percentage will deliver stronger effects. A higher percentage of kavalactones will also produce effects faster. 

Kava Half-Life: You probably learned about half-life in school. The half-life of a substance is the time it takes for that substance to lose half of its effectiveness. Kava has a half-life, just like medications each have a half-life. 

Kava can linger in your system for quite some time. Most people feel the height of their kava usage around the two-hour point. This, of course, depends on your dose and the type of kava.

Kava’s Reverse Tolerance: This is the opposite of what happens with alcohol or drug tolerance that builds up over time. When people use kava regularly it accumulates in their system and means they will need to use less over time to achieve their desired results.

It also means that you may need to use kava consistently for a couple of weeks before the full effect can be achieved. And when it is achieved, you will find your sweet, sweet spot. That’s a deep breath right there!

There is no specific formula to predict your reverse tolerance experience. It will depend on how much kava you consume, how regularly you consume it, your brain chemistry, your metabolism, etc.

How Do All These Factors Add Up?

Well, when you do the math, you will each come up with different answers. Yep. That’s because we’ve just shown you that the time it takes for the kava effects to kick in, as well as to end, varies based on those factors. 

You will read that kava can last in your body for one hour all the way up to eighteen hours. If your kava is lasting eighteen hours, you are probably using a tudei kava and feeling a wee bit hungover. 

If your goal is to essentially feel drunk on kava, then you may very well feel those effects for a long time. You’ll feel like you’ve taken a sleeping pill. But you are not using kava to receive all the positive benefits available to you. Kava has some truly great benefits when used appropriately.

On average, drinking high-quality noble kava will positively affect your body anywhere from one to six hours. We would suggest that you research the product you are going to use to make sure it has been through rigorous testing and trials that prove its safety and effectiveness. 

Noble kava alone is a great solution for naturally reducing stress. That is absolutely true. But, noble kava can be kicked up a notch when combined with carefully selected, clinically proven ingredients, such as lemon balm, ashwagandha, L-theanine, and chamomile.

How Do All These Factors Add Up? Woman forming a meditative formation with her fingers.

Now you know the not-so-secret ingredients for our Ü Relax Calming Shot that puts our kava product over the top when it comes to quality and effectiveness.  

Drinking a Ü Relax Calming Tonic will deliver chill vibes within about fifteen minutes which can last up to four hours. Your feel-good dopamine levels increase and your brain captains the ship to Happy Town. 

(Okay, maybe you don’t want to go to Happy Town. Just know that it will be Calm City, Creative County, or Relaxation River. Whatever. It’s your moment. You pick your destination.)

You can drink two, four-ounce shots of Ü Relax to experience eight hours of relaxation, focus, and creativity. Do you know what else lasts eight hours? Your average workday. Uh-huh. 

You can drink our kava blend on the job, people! That is really good news because it means a demanding workday can no longer defeat you mentally. You just need a little help taking everything in stride, get your focus, and tap into your creativity.

What’s more, when you ingest quality kava, you won’t have to worry about a two-day hangover or problems with addiction that come with using other substances regularly. Four to eight hours of a better workday without negative side effects? Yes, please.

In the end


Choosing things in life that start out great but leave you feeling disappointed is not a habit that anybody wants to continue. It’s a habit we all want to break. 

When it comes to kava, there are several factors that affect how long it will last. You need to consider the type of kava in the product you’re researching—and make sure it’s noble kava. Take a look at the dosage, as well.

You will also want to think about your personal metabolism because that may very well determine how quickly your body does or doesn’t burn through the kava in your system.

In addition, kavalactones, kava half-life, and reverse tolerance can all play into the duration of kava’s effect on your body.

Sure, you are free to choose kava products that influence you for ten or more hours, but after doing a bit of reading, do you really want to? The side effects that accompany those kavas will not spark joy. 

Please choose wisely. Ü Relax gives you hours of what you want without the nasty side effects. That’s a kava you can trust.