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Best Kava for Euphoria

Diana Grace image

By Diana Grace

Published October 26, 2021

eu・pho・ri・a - a feeling or state of intense excitement or happiness.

Intense excitement or happiness. Now that sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it?

Unless you’re Eeyore. Eeyore probably can’t even pronounce the word euphoria. So many syllables … He’d probably fall asleep before making it all the way through the word. 

Sadly, it is true that some people just live in a constant state of ho-hum, woe-is-me. They have forgotten euphoria.

Small children readily express euphoria. You’ve seen it. Their tiny bodies become so overcome with excitement or happiness that it nearly explodes. They squeal and giggle, they tremble with delight, and their faces are completely lit up with sheer joy.  

Those little people understand something that adults seem to have forgotten. They have not experienced the hurt and pain of the world yet, so their hearts and minds are completely open to freely express themselves.

Adults are inhibited. We are guarded. Many of us have forgotten the unspoiled freedom of childhood. Our euphoria is bound tightly within us, strangled by stress and worry.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience the freedom of euphoria? To feel completely unfettered … Well, what if you could do just that? 

Loosening the chains of worry and stress to regain feelings of euphoria sounds like a pretty fantastic plan. And it is a plan you can absolutely put into action. All you need to do is consider the benefits of one, little plant. 

Piper Methysticum. You may know it as kava. And kava can bring euphoria back into your life.

But first … 

What is Kava?

Kava is a drink created from the roots of the piper methysticum plant. This particular plant is native to the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Natives take the long, tough roots, dry them, and then crush them to prepare them to mix with water to make a drink. Pacific Island natives have been enjoying kava for centuries, but the natural powder has made its way inland to the US and is gaining popularity.

On the islands, it is common to offer kava as a drink at a party or other social events in places like Tonga and Fiji. Show of hands. Who wants to go drink some kava in Fiji? 

Natives also know that kava can also be used as a natural remedy instead of using traditional medicines. Much like essential oils are being used in American households in place of prescriptions, kava is used on the islands. 

Even though kava as a supplement is relatively new in the US, Ü Relax has been using kava for a while. Rather than taking kava in pill form, you can just drink a few ounces of Ü Relax to get the benefits of kava.

How Does Kava Work?

Kava is made up of kavalactones. The kavalactones make their way into the bloodstream after being ingested and that is how they begin their effects on the body. 

There are six vital kavalactones present in kava. Kavain is the kavalactone responsible for giving you an overall feeling of relaxation, which is why most people drink kava in the first place.

Unlike alcohol, kava doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier and directly affects the brain. So although drinking kava may make a person feel as if they’ve just had a sedative, that’s not what is happening.

Desmethoxyyangonin is another vital kavalactone found in kava. It encourages the production of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. In other words, it sends messages between nerve cells. We can feel pleasure and focus thanks to dopamine. 

Thank you for the extra desmethoxyyangonin. Brrring on more dopamine! Just about everybody could use some extra dopamine in their lives. 

And guess what else desmethoxyyangonin is responsible for? Euphoria. All that dopamine leads to mild feelings of euphoria. And it manages to do it without directly altering the central nervous system.

Before you begin your quest for kava-induced euphoria, you need to know that there is more than one type of kava.

There Are Two Main Types of Kava

Before you begin to argue about there being two types of kava, allow us to acknowledge that we know there are 103 different varieties of kava. Woah. That’s a whole lotta kava. However, the main thing you should know is that each of the 103 variations fits into one of two main categories. They are either tudei kava or noble kava.

Tudei kava (also known as two-day kava) is considered the more potent of the two kava variations. This sounds like a great thing, but in actuality, it is not. The effects of tudei kava can literally last for two full days or forty-eight hours from the time of consumption. 

Tudei kava is not supposed to be exported to other countries because it is not thought of as safe. The Pacific Island people do not make it a common practice to regularly harvest the tudei kava. It is traditionally used only for medicinal purposes or ceremonial purposes, but absolutely not for regular consumption.

The tudei kava grows faster, yields more plants to harvest than its counterpart, and has a much higher concentration of kavalactones. For this reason, it is very tempting for farmers to plant tudei as a crop. But tudei kava has some major drawbacks.

Lethargy and nausea are the most commonly known side effects of tudei ... and these effects last for about two days. Hence the reason it is called tudei kava. Can you imagine drinking something to feel good and it leaves you feeling nauseated and lousy for the next forty-eight hours? It’s called a kava hangover. No thanks. 

But these are not the only negative side effects of the tudei. Flavokawain B is found in concentrated amounts in the roots of the tudei kava. What’s the big deal about FKB? FKB has been proven toxic to liver cells. That’s not good.

Noble kava really is the nobler of the two kava variations. To be noble is to have higher qualities. And that is exactly why this kava variety got its name. Unlike tudei kava, when noble kava is processed properly it barely has trace amounts of the toxic FKB. The noble kava has a much lower concentration of kavalactones.

When choosing your kava, you want to be sure it has been thoroughly tested for safety. Noble kava is absolutely the safer of the two varieties. Noble kava gives you the positive effects of consuming kava without the two-day hangover, lethargy, or nausea.

High-quality noble kava from a reputable vendor gives the consumer mental clarity and focus while also reducing pain, reducing stress, and promoting better sleep. And noble kava can deliver these results without the unpleasant side effects like tudei kava, alcohol, or drugs.

You can drink noble kava every day without negative side effects. Our bodies are not hit over the head with a kava sledgehammer when we use noble kava. 

Glutathione, kavapyrones, and kavalactones are the active components of kava. Kavalactones found in the kava roots are basically in charge of stimulating GABA, which is the inhibitory neurotransmitter that manages your response to stress. 

GABA reduces the triggering of norepinephrine and noradrenaline. This results in our bodies going into a state of chill. It’s like a cleansing breath for the soul. More GABA leads to feelings of happiness.

You can do this safely with noble kava. It allows you to let go of inhibitions and tap into the parts of yourself you are sometimes afraid to express. And yet, you’re still able to think clearly and control your choices. That’s a win-win, people!

How Do You Know if it’s Working?

As strange as it sounds, you’ll feel the kava first taking effect when it hits your mouth. Your mouth and throat will feel tingly and numb. Don’t freak out. This is exactly what is supposed to happen. 

Give it ten to fifteen minutes and the rest of your body will begin to follow suit. You’ll notice the kava kicking in and working. And this fabulous feeling will fill you and linger for four to six hours. (More than likely, it will last a solid four hours, depending on how quickly or slowly your body metabolizes the kava.)

This is your euphoria.

Which Kava Will Give You the Best Feelings of Euphoria?

Well, once again there are categories of kava. Wehoo! More categories. There are heady kavas, heady kavas, and balanced kavas. 

Let’s hit the basics first.

Heady kavas give you a long burst of energy and mild feelings of euphoria. They are perfect for use during daylight hours. 

Heavy kavas are pretty much what they sound like. They give your body a heavier feeling of relaxation and are better suited for evening consumption. A heavy kava can put you into a deep, restful slumber.

Balanced kavas are, again, just what they sound like—balanced. With a balanced kava, you get the best of both worlds: a little bit of energy and euphoria mixed with calm and relaxation.

So, before drinking your kava, you must first decide what euphoria means to you. You can choose your euphoria. After all, you are a grown-up. You make your own decisions. That’s right, dadgummit

Now, give yourself a little pep talk and remember who you are. Can you hear it? Can you hear Mufasa’s voice speaking to you … you human Simba?

If you can hear Mufasa in your head, you’re hallucinating and that is not from the kava. 

Back to reality now. How do you know what your version of euphoria looks like?

This is an important question to ask yourself. You need to be able to answer this before deciding which kava is best for a euphoric experience. 

Let’s chat about that.

Do you have a tendency to be a more mellow person with a naturally melancholy nature? It is okay if this is you. Just roll with it. Your idea of euphoria might look more like coming out of your shell and simply feeling a bit happier.

Or maybe you have a higher-strung personality. Your life’s plate is full and you keep it that way. Stress is your middle name, it’s just part of a normal day for you … but it’s getting to you. Euphoria means being able to relax physically and mentally let loose for a full-body release.

Seriously. What if your idea of pure happiness is being able to take a nap or to sleep peacefully? That is completely different from Captain Karaoke who probably wants to hit a karaoke bar, live out his dreams of being the next Adam Levine, and spend the evening chatting it up with strangers.  

See? These are types of people that probably fall at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their personality types. Now imagine all of the personality types that fall in between. It’s a lot. 

You can see how euphoria might look very different for people. One person’s version of intense excitement or happiness might just feel like an average mood to somebody else. And on the flip side, what might feel like sheer bliss to a person might send a more melancholy person a smidge over the edge because it is just too intense.

That’s why you need to be honest with yourself about what euphoria looks like for you. Once you know your personal expectations and hopes, you can dig a little deeper into kava.

Okay. So what actually happens when you drink kava for the first time? Well, your first sip of kava may surprise you. It may taste like nothing you have ever had before. No biggie. Keep going.

Kava will work its magic through your body. It shouldn’t hit you like a lightning bolt. You’ll feel a mental shift first. The sensation of happiness will seep into your countenance. Golly, you might even smile for the first time in a while.

Next, your body that may have felt like it was wrapped tightly around a spring will have begun the unwinding process. Tension seems to be dissipating as relaxation washes over you. 

Now we can get back to the subject of the heady, the heavy, and the balanced kava.

Heady Kava

It is the heady kava that is typically associated with feeling euphoric. As you can tell by the name, heady kava mainly does its work in your head. You still get the bonus of your muscles relaxing a bit … but this kava truly goes straight to your head.

Heady kava doesn’t really have sedative properties. It just delivers a sense of calm, carefree euphoria without falling asleep. This is more of a party kava. If you want to be more social, heady kava can stimulate you enough mentally to give you the boost you need to muster some social courage.

You get the positive aspect of alcohol consumption without the hangover - if you stick with the heady noble kava. (We will only ever recommend noble kava.)

Heavy Kava

Sitting on the other side of the kava coin is heavy kava. It has the opposite effect on your body of the heady kava. Sure, it works a bit on you mentally, but its target is the body. If you can imagine your body just melting into its surroundings, then you can just about imagine the feeling of using a heavy kava.

Your muscles get continually relaxed after drinking heavy kava. This is why heavy kava is considered to be like a sedative. Drinking a heavy kava before laying down to sleep is a great idea because it will put you into a nice, deep slumber. Be sure you don’t need to be anywhere because you’ll be sleeping comfortably for hours!

Balanced Kava

If you want the best of both worlds, find a balanced kava. This type of kava gives its consumers the results of a heady kava and a heavy kava. You might call this type the sweet spot of kavas. 

You can drink a balanced kava every day. A well-researched and tested, high-quality balanced kava can give users the desired results of relaxation, stress reduction, as well as mental clarity, and focus.

Ü Relax takes balanced kava to another level. Rather than just having the benefit of straight noble kava, we did our research and found some fantastic ingredients to create the perfect blend for you. We’ve combined pure noble kava with the benefits of L-theanine, ashwagandha, lemon balm, and chamomile to bring you the best-balanced kava available. 

Here is what we can tell you about our Ü Relax bonus ingredients:

L-Theanine brings you calm and focus. It is a naturally occurring green tea amino acid shown to promote focus and relaxation. L-Theanine is a GABA precursor or building block and therefore boosts GABA levels in the brain. GABA is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter that allows a person to negate signals to the brain and focus. L-Theanine is absorbed in the gut and numerous recent clinical studies show that L-Theanine promotes calm and relaxation.

Ashwagandha provides natural stress relief and is a popular dietary supplement and is part of the ayurvedic medical system because it has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Lemon Balm reduces agitation and is a GABAergic natural herb, stimulating the major inhibitory neurotransmitter pathway promoting relaxation and reducing agitation in recent clinical studies in humans.

Chamomile reduces body stress and contains anti-inflammatory molecules, promotes gastrointestinal health, reduces body stress, and continues to be shown in clinical trials to boost GABA, the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in humans. The long-standing value of Chamomile has been overlooked by many new relaxation supplements and beverages trying to be new and flashy, but overlooking the ability of this herb to support GABA relaxation in clinical studies is a mistake not made by us.

We’ve designed the perfect little four-ounce shot to deliver all the benefits of kava without under-delivering or over-shooting the desired effects. 


But Can You Drink Too Much Kava?

Umm … this is about your personal preference. Some of you will essentially want to be “drunk” on kava. You can keep consuming it until you feel that way. We are not necessarily going to recommend that. 

This is about euphoria. You need to try kava for yourself and see how your body reacts to it before chugging back several servings and waiting to see if it transports you to another plane of existence. Don’t do that. 

Start with a single serving and pay attention to how it makes you feel. You be the judge of your feelings. Your kava experience is just that—yours

Kava is inhibiting your mind’s response to stress. We cannot predict what that will look like for you. You need to try it for yourself and discover how your body will work with the kava. Loosening your chains of inhibition is what really good kava can do for you. Your inhibition may be affecting your mind or it may be affecting your body. 


What About Hallucinations?

Drinking kava is not akin to taking hardcore drugs or smoking a peace pipe. Any rumors or whispers of rumors you may have heard that kava causes hallucinations are just wrong. Kava does not make you hallucinate. 

You might feel absolutely fantastic when you drink kava. It may put you in the happiest, most chill plane of existence you have ever known. That would be awesome, right? That is not a hallucination, people. When you hallucinate, you experience a total distortion of reality. It bleeds into what you hear, smell, and see, making you believe that you are experiencing things that aren’t really there.

If that is what you are associating kava-induced euphoria with, you will be disappointed. You can guzzle kava and undergo exactly zero hallucinations. It’s just not gonna happen. That is not how kava works. 

But, the way you are perceiving your world may shift. If you characteristically perceive experiences through the lens of stress and worry, kava will probably shift your perspective in unexpectedly positive ways. Or perhaps you have a tendency to view the world through eyes of gloom. Kava basically takes the clouds out of your perpetually gray sky and helps you see a bit of sunshine.

Those improved experiences may just be your life’s version of euphoria.


So What?

The best kava for euphoria is the one that gives you the feeling you hope to achieve. Euphoria is a state of extreme happiness. What feeling makes you extremely happy?

Pick the kava that takes you to that place.

Go with noble kava to be on the safe side of euphoria. Tudei kavas will be heavier and can lead to unwanted side effects. Please. Avoid tudei kavas. We cannot stress that enough. 

If you want to venture into your own personal land of euphoria and you want to go there as safely as possible, then please give Ü Relax a try. It contains perfectly balanced kava that delivers results safely and effectively.